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Network Cabling & Wiring Services

The most reliable and secure method for keeping your network connected is transmitting it through actual physical lines.  We have extensive experience in providing voice and data network wiring services to all types of clients.  We have performed work in offices, retail stores, commercial/warehouse building, educational institutes, and construction trailers/modules.

network cabling

We can design and implement a network suitable to your office size and needs.

  • Data Cabling – cat5e and cat6 cable, plenum or outdoor rated applications available
  • Patch Panel – Installation and termination
  • WiFi / Wireless networks – Expand your network, make sure everything has coverage
  • Business phone systems – Connect desk phones to telephone systems
  • Patch Panel Installation and termination
  • Quality Control – Organized cabling, installed according to code, tested
  • Labeling – Professional labeling: wall plate, path panel, and floor layout labeling provided
  • Cable removal and rack clean up

Old cabling can hurt your business.  The old cable of Cat3 is limited to …, CAT 5 is limited to 100mbps.  If you are not in CAT5e or newer cabling than you are affecting your networks response time.  Network files and applications will load at faster rates with new updated cabling.

network cabling

Along with the updated cables, you might need to update the hardware that connects it all.  Let us work with you in determining what your business needs to run at optimum speeds.

See below the common situations that businesses encounter.

Common Situations

Situation:  Network expansion to difficult areas.
Solution:  We can help expand your network to an area where cabling will be too expensive or if you will like to maintain your office’s attractiveness by not having the cable visible.

Situation:  Outside network range doesn’t reach desired outdoor areas.
Solution:  A regular cable network cable is not able to withstand the outside climate.  We are knowledgeable on what you will need for the outside world.  We can connect your outside devices through a hard connection or wireless service.

Situation:  Cables are CAT5e, but receiving low connection speeds
Solution:  Test the cables, look for a short or splice.  Run new cable.

To find out how your network can be improved, give us a call to obtain a free IT network assessment.