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Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing provides a simple way to access your company resources from the internet. Access is available anywhere you go and on any device you use: computer, tablet, and mobile phone. Inland Empire IT Services offers Cloud Computing services for small and medium-size business. We work with you in determining the right tools that your employees need in order to perform their daily tasks.

Cloud Computing has the capabilities to provision resources and set a managed structure, reducing the time and barriers by making resources available to your field personnel and clients instantly. One of the most common uses of Cloud Computing is in data backup and disaster recovery. Small businesses greatly benefit from this function by not investing into an onsite backup solution; servers are out of sight, off-premise, and especially out of your hands.

cloud computing

Allow a broader group to access more resources by providing the cloud interface to all members. This will save you money in purchasing multiple software licenses for each computer. The only program that user’s computer will be running is the interface that will be a simple Web Browser app or client software. Your local computers do not need to do any heavy lifting in running applications since that will be handled by the Cloud Servers.

Cloud computing provides the resources to setup a document control scheme that best works with your systems. A key function of document control is to provide the collaboration for multiple teams to work with the correct documents. Document management assures everyone has the latest and most accurate information.

Why use the Cloud? Here are some reasons:

  • Flexibility – manage resources for all your employees
  • Stability – software updates are done automatically
  • Savings – Cut down on capital expenditure by not buying expensive hardware.
  • Scalability – Use what you need. Scale up or down depending on your needs.
  • Collaboration – teams can access everything they need anytime from anywhere

Contact us for any questions you may have on how Cloud Computing can benefit your business.