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Managed IT Services

Information technology improves every organization’s communication and business. Having a Managed IT service provider furnishes a layer to the foundation of your business. That layer will allow your business to revel in the benefits of technology.  Solutions will be created to solve problems and facilitate your daily work.

managed it services

Inland Empire IT Services offers a dependable and honest Managed IT Service. We want to partner up in taking the responsibility of managing your IT infrastructure with you. We will be proactive in making sure your computers and network are up to date, and in an optimal state to handle your daily business needs. With many different security threats that organizations face every day, it is a necessity for data and IT devices to be managed. You should not have to spend your valuable time dealing with computers and worrying about the nuances that are unavoidable in the IT world. Something is due to happen at the most inconvenient time(see our IT support page for common issues). We will strive to build a trustworthy relationship so you feel comfortable with us.

You can be confident that your transmitted data to your clients and organization members will be safe. We have the tools that will keep you and your data protected. Reports about data backups, security, applications, networks, and more will be generated and provided to you. We make sure to monitor and record anything that goes on in your network.

managed itWe don’t just want to be a service to you, we want to be a partner that will help you grow by facilitating your IT needs and providing innovative ways to improve your work. We at Inland Empire IT Services take great pride in the type of commitment and work that we do. We will make sure that each of your requests are well managed and in-line with your goals.

Managed Workstation

Computers, either desktop or laptops, come in many forms, shapes, and sizes. They are the stations where most of the work is completed so making sure they are running well should be a priority. Workstation management and support services increase employee productivity, reliability, and performance. Inland Empire IT Services can deliver management and maintenance tasks required to ensure your employees experience a reliable and secured computer experience.

Inland Empire IT Services provides the required expertise and tools to manage your computer, from security to optimization needed to ensure a longer computer life cycle and prevent employee downtime.

  • Hardware: Any odd sounds or malfunctioning parts will be diagnosed and dealt with.
  • Asset Management: Inventory of hardware across the organization.
  • Storage: Monitor physical drives health and status. Advise when it’s time to upgrade.
  • Software: Deploy business applications and be a liaison with software vendors.
  • Security: Deploy managed software to prevent any suspicious activity, viruses and malware.
  • Backup: Provide a backup process to ensure data recovery in event of lost or failed computer.
  • Incident Management: Log incidents and respond promptly with actions.

Managed Server

Server Management is paramount in business continuity and compliance. Server data must be protected from disaster, controlled, compliant with business regulations, and accessible promptly after an outage. We provide Server installation, upgrades, maintenance, monitoring and migration services for all businesses in the Inland Empire and surrounding areas.

Server Management increases your server lifetime and ensures reliability and security for your mission critical server hosted applications.

  • Hardware: around the clock monitoring for hardware utilization and health.
  • Services: Insure application services are running without any issues.
  • Storage: Monitor physical drives health and status. Advise when it’s time to increase storage.
  • Events Log: Check Event Logs to know what’s happening on your servers.
  • Security: Monitor servers for any suspicious activity, viruses and malware.
  • Backup: Manage backup jobs and verify their integrity.
  • Disaster Recovery: Established plan and procedures for return of business operations.
  • Maintenance: Perform scheduled preventive server maintenance.
  • Application Management: Managed server applications and roles.
  • Provisioning: Set desired permissions to assure only the proper access is given to everyone.

Managed Network

We believe that a reliable business network starts by selecting the right expertise to implement and manage the network.

Network Monitoring provides around the clock monitoring of your servers, networks and vital business services to ensure proactive service delivery and reliable networks for your business.

Our certified engineers are capable of implementing, designing and troubleshooting the most complex networks as well as maintain a healthy and reliable network.

By monitoring every aspect of your network assets we are able to receive real-time alerts and handle network outage or issues accordingly.

Our Network Management Services

  • Implement and design WAN and LAN networks
  • Connect remote offices and branches
  • Manage and maintain network devices
  • Troubleshoot network connectivity
  • Manage network security and intrusion prevention solutions
  • Implement and manage VPN and remote worker solutions
  • Monitor network activity and status

By utilizing our alert systems our Engineers are notified in real time about any issues that rise from a monitored asset. Our engineer will contact you regarding the issue and provide a status and the course of action to remedy the issue.

Managed Mobile

Nowadays more than half of employees are mobile. Employees are required to work when traveling, on the field, or at home. Providing the proper mechanics and tools can make you confident of a secure and reliable connection wherever you are.

  • Secured Email access from your mobile device
  • Cloud computing: Take your desktop anywhere on your mobile device
  • Server file access: Access documents within mobile device apps, browsing thru folders
  • Secure data wipe on lost or stolen phone


Please feel free to contact us regarding any questions you may have.