Office IT Relocation Services in La Quinta CA

Are you looking for Office IT Relocation Services in La Quinta CA.  As you may imagine, there is more involved than simply disconnecting and reconnecting workstations and servers, and then turning on the power after the move.  A well-planned IT relocation makes the difference between being fully operational and fully productive on the morning after your move versus having chaos, angry customers, and frustrated staff, resulting in downtime and lost revenue.  In an ideal world, your employees should be able to resume business after the move in the new office exactly the way they were functioning the day before the move.

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Inland Empire IT Services offers packages suited for your office move.  Our checklist covers all IT associated areas that will need to be marked off.  Our Office IT relocation Services in La Quinta CA have been performed numerous of times and revised constantly for best results.  Here are some of the IT items that need to be addressed when moving from one office to another:

  • Plan the design of the new space taking into account the infrastructure required to support your IT
  • Determine who is running network and telephone cables
  • Hard lines connections are best suited for business offices
  • We help you select an internet service provider by discussing your needs
  • If necessary, we will recommend additional features such as multiple static IP addresses
  • Do this with ample time (2-3 months before the planned move-in date)
  • Call to cancel your old service, some providers require at least a 30-day notice
  • Upgrade to a PRI phone system or VoIP Phones
  • Or check with current provider on what’s required to continue telephone service at new location
  • Take an inventory of IT equipment that’s going to be moved
  • Assign move responsibilities to each. Who is moving what?
  • Arrange for your IT team to disconnect and reassemble servers, network devices and workstations
  • Communicate effectively to all groups on the schedule for when systems will be down
  • Provide timelines
  • Disaster Recovery Plan
  • Back-up your old system, test the back-up and move the backup separately from the rest of the equipment.
  • Perform a week before the move to allow time for backing up and testing
  • Determine if you are moving or replacing equipment
  • New phone system or phones
  • New computers
  • Have a contingency plan in case something is not ready
  • If Internet is not installed on time, have alternative available

As with all of our projects, you will be assigned a dedicated project manager who will serve as your advocate regarding your IT, consulting with the contractors and asking the right questions to make sure the contractors are doing the right thing before the work is done.  We’ll make sure all of the building trades are aligned with best practices from an IT standpoint, making sure that you have appropriate layout, power and cooling. We provide network cabling services with the utmost professional manner making sure all cables are orderly and neat.

What makes Inland Empire IT Services qualified to manage your Office IT Relocation Services in La Quinta CA and set up the IT infrastructure in your new office?

  • We have over 20 years of experience in IT consulting, service, and support to our clients
  • We are available to work during the weekend to prevent any business downtime
  • We have performed dozens of office mobilizations and demobilization
  • We do our research when it comes to recommending vendors and solutions

Inland Empire IT Services offers complete Office IT Relocation Services in the Riverside and San Bernardino counties.  We want to make sure you are at peace of mind during the move so that your employees can transition from the old office to the new without any hiccups.

If you are looking for a reliable company that can offer great service when it comes to Office IT Relocation Services in La Quinta CA, Inland Empire IT Services is here to help you.

Office IT Relocation Services in La Quinta CA

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