Network Cabling in Carson CA

If your business is in the Carson CA area, and needs Network Cabling at your current or new office location, contact us and we will offer you a customized quote to meet your cable wiring needs. We have performed numerous projects of network cabling in Carson CA. We’ve worked with clients both large and small.

Network Cabling in Carson CA

There are several different companies that provide network cabling in Carson CA and surrounding areas but very few provide additional IT services that involve your computers and applications. For us, it’s not just about installing the cable and connecting them to your equipment. We also want to be a part of your future challenges by helping you with any IT services that you may need.

Are you experiencing slow connections or constant disconnects to your server or internet? The issue might be in your existing cabling or equipment.  Our tools can test your lines and inspect your network devices to determine their status.

Network Cabling in Carson CA

The most common types of cable used now are CAT5e and CAT6, both delivering up to 1gbps speed connections. There’s a difference in what type of cable you may need for your location, whether it’s required to be fire-rated or outdoor tested.

Our cabling engineers have worked in different environments from an office building to a temporary construction trailer. We can setup a patch panel in all types of racks mounted with your network switches and make it presentable so it doesn’t look like a wiring mess.

Network Cabling in Carson CA

When we start a new network cabling project, we always start with asking the client a couple of questions about their network, office, and future ambitions to make sure we execute the right plan for their business. We will assess their layout and try to find a way for to save on cost while meeting the requirements. We don’t want you to spend more than what you must, that way you can apply that savings in other areas of your business to make it grow. Our current customers like us because of our honest and professional character.

We know our competition and know that most of them charge a hefty price or a minimum to perform any type of work. We accept all types of work and complete them to your satisfaction. If you are looking for a reliable company that can offer great service when it comes to network cabling in Carson CA, Inland Empire IT Services is here to help you.

Professional Network Cabling in Carson CA

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